Sunday, 16 July 2017

Moth Night 2017

Well it was perfect weather in Cairns until a few days before the Moth Night, then it changed. Cool showers from the south dampened our night. There were 40+ people in attendance and even fewer moths!

This year we set up the light sheets in the Fitzalan Garden, just across the street from the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre. It seemed like a good spot being adjacent to the Rainforest and the Boardwalk and  a few metres from a small pond.
Rain showers were intermittent but just enough to keep the insect numbers down. Peter Shanahan lead a few hardy souls down the boardwalk while others stuck it out at the lights.

We decided to try again after the new year, perhaps, at the Catanna Wetlands or the Crystal Cascades picnic area.

Here are a few shots taken by Buck Richardson of what did turn up.
 Amerila rubripes: Arctiidae
 Glyphodes canthusalis: Crambidae
 Manulea dorsalis: Arctiidae
 Thalassodes pilaria: Geometridae
Hyalobathra crenulata: Crambidae
I'm going back to bed!

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