Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A Few nice Beetles From Kuranda

A selection of beetles from around the garden.
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 Anoplognathus aeneus, a Christmas beetle that's a bit late!
 A brentid weevil probably brentid Miolispa australiana .
 Chrysomelidae, a Leaf Beetle, Promechus australica 
Promechus australica, larva. The beetles and their larvae have just about defoliated a small Celery Top tree, Polyscias elegans.
 A Tiger Beetle, Dystipsidera flavipes. Did a blog on the tiger beetles in 2012
 Ectocemus decemmaculatus, a lovely brentid weevil
Leptopius quadriens, a common weevil about the place. 
 Lymexylidae Melittomma sp. Sometimes very common at the lights.
Tenebrionidae, Cyphaleus ducalis  A very large tenebrionid that apparently flies.
 A Trogidae. These beetles feed on decaying animals matter.
Orthorhinus cylindrirostris, one of the more photogenic weevils.

Cute and Not So Cute

 Joey Pademelon (a wallaby) has a look at the mean world out there.
Feral pigs destroy a stand of Heliconias in one night. Feral pigs destroy habitats by their rooting through the soil. They eat any animals they encounter. They seem to prefer plants with succulent roots.