Friday, 18 May 2018

New Book!

Another new book authored by a local has just appeared.

Local naturalist and tour guide leader Jun Matsui has written a comprehensive guide to the birds of the Cairns and Tablelands region of Queensland Australia. The text is in Japanese and caters to the needs of Japanese visitors who come to the Australian tropics for bird watching.

The book contains hundreds of photos taken by the author, They are all in poses that assure identification. Non-Japanese speaking locals will be able to use the book because each caption is in English. In addition, there are sections in the book in English. Chapters in the beginning include external morphology and a bird list. The bird sequence is arranged taxonomically with a colour thumb guide provided on the margins. There are maps, places of interest and things to do. A comprehensive index in both Japanese and English.
Thew book can be obtained from the author at $A60.00: 松井淳

But wait, there's more!! Phil Gregory tells me that an English translation is in the offing and should be available by the end of the year.