Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cassowary Update

14 NOVEMBER 2010

All three Cassowary chicks seem healthy and are growing at this point. There is plenty of food on the ground for them due to the prolonged wet season in the form of fruits and flowers.
Cassowaries travel many kilometres in a day and it must be tiring for tiny legs. We notice that they frequently relax for 10 minutes or so to digest their food and regain their strength. Then they are off.
Taking comfort and rest under "Pops" tail. The young birds frequently climb all over the male during these relaxing periods, much as chicks do in the barnyard with the mother hen.


Denis Wilson said...

I love that series, especially the little one having a rest (it looks so gangly), and then taking shelter under Dad's bum-feathers.
Great to have them there, around you.

randomtruth said...

Great shots. Hope they hang out so you can keep documenting them.