Wednesday 20 March 2024

Orthopteroids Pay a Visit

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The rainy period, decreased day-length and the oncoming of Autumn has resulted in many adult orthopteroid insects on the move at night. Here are a few highlights.

Caedicia sp 6, Tettigoniidae; Phaneropterinae

Caedicia sp 6, Tettigoniidae; Phaneropterinae
Ducetia antipoda female: Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae
Ducetia antipoda male : Tettigoniidae: Phaneropterinae
Nunkeria sp, female: Gryllacrididae

Nunkeria sp, female: Gryllacrididae
Nunkeria sp, female: Gryllacrididae
Methiola picta: Acrididae
Parapodacanthus hasenpuschorum male: Phasmatidae
Johnrehnia triramosa male: Ectobiidae: Blattellinae

Johnrehnia triramosa male: Ectobiidae: Blattellinae

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