Monday 20 November 2023

Mass Emergence: Termites

 On the morning of 20 November 2023 the small dome of Termes sp. located near the Brush Turkey mound erupted for about a half hour with thousands of alate (winged) reproductive termites taking flight. This was noted before in this Blog on 20 September 2010 from the same mound. See: The weather was cloudy and it has not rained for weeks. So just what triggered the emergence is hard to say.  If it rains later in the day, then maybe the termites are good weather forecasters.

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Close examination will reveal that the mound is completely covered with termites that are about to fly off.
One of the flying termites. 

Having mated, females select a suitable site for a new nest and commence housekeeping. Only an extremely small percentage of individuals are successful in establishing a new nest. Birds, lizards, insects and other wildlife feast on the insects and other environmental factors limit successful establishment of a nest.

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