Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Recent Sitings at the Light Sheet

 Recent Sightings at the 

Light Sheet

It has been an interesting year so far with some insects showing up at the lights that haven't been seen for ages. We have had almost "drought conditions" at times and unseasonably high temperatures.

Here are a few of the many insects that have been seen.

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Agathia prasina
Caedicia webberi
Moulting cicada
Dingy Bush Brown
Apachys yorkense
Gen nov. P7, sp 3
Gen nov P7 sp 3
Greenagraecia attenuata
Heterallactis stenochrysa
Mastigaphoides tuberculatus
Megamareta phaneropyga
Ectocnemus decemmmaculatus

Acauloplacella queenslandica
Margarosticha sphenotis
Pantydia capistrata
Paradromula ambigua
Assassin bug with a meal
Syrphid fly
large weevil

Perga sp
Emeraldagraecia munggarifrons
Aenetus edwardsi
Milionia queenslandica
Asota orbana
Glyphodes multilinealis
Ischyja neocherina
Anthela sp
Hydrilloides metisalis
Krananda sp
Zatrichodes sp

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