Wednesday, 4 April 2018

New Book

A new book has appeared on the scene and most people reading this post would probably not be aware of it because it is published privately.
Lynette Esnor has produced a very handsome volume, number 3 in her series. This one features birds of Northwest Queensland. The other volumes include #1 The Wet Tropics, Queensland, #2 The Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland. Another volume is in the offing and the topic will be the brids of the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland.

The book is comprehensive in the sense that it, and the other volumes contain an introductory section  featuring the History of Bird Evolution, Anatomy and Physiology, Adaptations (in considerable detail)Torpor, Feeding Habits, Preening, Feather and Plumage, Senses, Seasons, Mating and Nesting, Family Life, Migration and Distribution. Most of these topics are generally not covered in other volumes and they are of interest to the casual birder. A glossary and comprehensive index are also included.

The volume is attractively presented and features Lyn's photos in the 205 pages. Detailed notes accompany each species.

My Bird Obsession is published privately and can be ordered from Lyn at her email address: Lynette Ensor

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