Friday, 15 May 2015

National Moth Week 2015

The next National Moth Week will be held July 18-26, 2015 so start planning your events now!   Register your event online – click here for registration form.

Please note that there is one registration form for events worldwide, including the USA.

A map showing all registered events will be published in May, 2015.

This year, National Moth Week will spotlight the Sphingidae family of moths found throughout the world commonly called hawk moths, sphinx moths and hornworms.    Click here for Press Release
It is actually meant to be an "International Moth Week". They want to know of any "mothing" activities that will take place around that time. And note that Hawk Moths, Sphingidae, will be highlighted this year.

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Moth Week said...

Thanks for sharing the info! Happy mothing from the National Moth Week team. Liti