Sunday, 5 April 2015

Cassowary Update

As Yvonne notes in her "News From Coquette Point", it is very dry here in the Wet Tropics.

The Cassowaries don't seem to mind. In the past few days the pair have been together and there has not been any aggression on the part of the female. They are probably in courting mode.
Both are resplendent in breeding plumage.

The nicks and scratches on the casque are the result of moving through the tangle of vines and dead branches that accompany their habitat.

Following the Easter visit, both seemed intent in moving up the hill to Butler Dr. Fortunately, it is not very busy today but it will be a startling encounter for anyone taking an early morning walk. The operative in this case is be calm and retreat slowly. Cassowaries are inquisitive and if you run, they will probably run with you!


Susan said...

Wow! Resplendent is the word indeed!!

Alice said...

Those are quite the "backyard" birds! Very cool.