Thursday, 3 July 2014

National Moth Weeks Approaches

Dear All:

Have had hard drive problems recently but things are getting back to "normal".  regret that I have lost all my blog mailing lists.

 Arctiidae: Scaphidriotis camptopleura
 Crambidae; Pyraustinae; Agrotera amethealis 
 Noctuidae; Catocalinae; Avatha discolor
Eupterotidae; Eupterotinae;  Cotana serratonota (female)
 Notodontidae; Thaumetopoeinae; Epicoma contristis
Cossidae; Zeuxerinae; Endoxyla mackeri 
 Cossidae; Zeuxerinae; Endoxyla mackeri 

 Crambidae; Acentropinae; Magarosticha sp
Hypertrophidae; Eupselia sp

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