Sunday, 22 September 2013

Cassowary Update

It's been a long time between drinks! This blog has been inactive due to trips to the tip of the Cape York Peninsula, 3 weeks in China and trips to Canberra. But we are back to "normal" if that is the word.
Mr Cassowary passed by a couple of weeks ago and left this calling card in the driveway. What's neat about this one is that it looks pretty much the same now as when he dropped it. Usually the turkeys go through the seeds during the day and the nocturnal mammals do it over after dark. But nothing has gone near it even though there is precious little on the ground and the turkeys are very hungry. Perhaps, the cassowaries have been feeding on some toxic fruits that the other animals avoid. Who knows.

Subsequently we heard that his clutch of eggs had been destroyed, probably by pigs. Then recently we heard that a tremendous fight had broken out between Mrs Cassowary and a rival, named Harriet, and Harriet had won. Mr Cassowary has been observed mating with the new lady. If this leads to another nest, it will mean that he will be brining out the chicks much later than normal. We will keep you posted.

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