Monday, 6 May 2013

A Good Read

Lifetime friend Prof Con Slobodchikoff has produced another book. It took some 6 weeks to reach Kuranda via Ebay and I thought that was probably a good thing, meaning that the book was in high demand and perhaps, had to undergo a second printing. Let's hope so.

Con has spent his academic life studying animal behaviour. He tended to specialise in the behaviour of the several species of Prairie Dogs. These are communal rodents that live in the grassland communities of North America. They were once much more common than they are now and used to co-habit with the North American Bison.

We all know that animals communicate with one another by various means--vocal, chemical or visual. But what about a "language"? Con develops this theme in a most interesting read. You may be surprised at his conclusions.

I strongly recommend this book. It could change your outlook towards the other species that occupy our planet.

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