Friday, 17 August 2012

Orchid Foes Revisited

The site of these feet on the developing flower stalk of a treasured orchid is a cause for some concern.
This is one of the orchid weevils, Orchidophilus aterrimus (Waterhouse). I have written about this before. Several adults of both sexes have been found on developing stalk. Where the larvae reside is not known but I suspect they occur in the pseudobulbs of the plants themselves.
A few days after feeding this spot appeared on the stem apparently where the weevil had inserted its beak to feed. I'll watch this and see if it results in any damage to the flowers.

A few days later, this critter was found feeding on the developing flower stem of Dendrobium speciosum.  Closer examination revealed what it is.

 The lines on the thorax are the giveaway.
It is a nymph of a species of Siphanta. I have written about these before as well. I have no data on what this single nymph might have done to the developing flowers, but it was not given the chance to proceed with its development! Spring is springing.

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