Friday, 11 November 2011

Return of an Old Friend

Boyd's Forest Dragon munching on a Cane Beetle at night in front of the light sheet.

I was startled the other night when I was in front of the light sheet looking up and something ran across my feet. It turned out to be the Boyd's Forest Dragon, Hypsilurus boydii. I'm sure it was the same individual written about previously in these blogs because he (or she) sleeps on the same branch as it did in 2007 when it was noted here for the first time. It has been 11 months since I have seen this lizard. I thought maybe it had gone to its eternal reward!

A typical pose for Boyd's Forest Dragon--on a tree trunk attempting to be unnoticed.


Denis Wilson said...

Now if only they had been more prolific we might not have ended up with Cane Toads.
I like the heavy spines on the back of the neck.

Mr. Smiley said...

Hi Denis

I don't think these guys are drawn to Cane Toads. And if they were, they might be in trouble. It seems that there are fewer and fewer Cane Toads about these days. This is not based on anything other than a personal observation. Maybe their populations have reached an equilibrium up here.

Denis Wilson said...

I was thinking of them eating Cane Beetles, the "pest species" which prompted the release of the Cane Toad.
If your Lizards had done a good job on them, there would be no need for Cane Toads (and we know that didn't work anyway).