Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Yellow-spotted Honeyeater

The Yellow-spotted Honeyeater, Meliphaga notata, is one of three very similar species as common residents in the rainforests and gardens around Kuranda. All three have distinct calls. This species is distinguished by its fairly large size and the yellow patch behind the eye and the stripe that runs from the bill to below the eye. It is wide-ranging extending south to Victoria.

The other species are identified as follows:
Lewins Honeyeater, Meliphaga lewinii, has a crescentic earpatch, and a more rapid song. It is about the same size, maybe a little smaller than the Yellow-spotted

The Graceful Honeyeater, Meliphaga gracilis, is the smallest of the three, has an elongate bill and a larger more elongate earpatch.

The song of the Yellow-spotted Honeyeater is loud and easily recognised.


Robster said...

We had a Honeyeater "couple" make a nest in our outdoor dining area in suburban Cairns. They spent what seemed like months building the nest, laid eggs, raised little wee ones, then left and never came back. We sort of miss them.

Mr. Smiley said...


I'll be a cat was involved, especially if the nest was low. Were they Dusky Honeyeaters?