Friday, 27 August 2010

froggy Nights

The warm, wet winter has led to "froggy nights" from time to time. Here are a few visitors.
The ubiquitous Cane Toad, Bufo marinus. This toad usually spends the winter nights under logs or rocks. But because the winter has been warm, the toads have been out and about at a time of the year that you would not expect to see them.

My friend Michael Cermak tells me this is a species of Litoria. It could be the Green-eyed Frog, L. serrata or much much less common Myola Frog, L. myola, a species recently described. The two are so morphologically similar that they can be accurately distinguished only by their calls.
This is Stony Creek Frog, Littoria jungguy on our doormat. It is a common species on the ground at night. It exhibits homing behaviour as it will return over and over to a preferred site night for a few days, then apparently go elsewhere.
This little fellow decided that the foothold on a piece of exercising equipment was the ideal place to spend the day. It has been in the same place for weeks.

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