Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Crazy Birds

Some birds are real characters.
 Recently Thick-knee or  Stone Curlew has decided to stand sentry at our gate after dark. He/she is not bothered by the car passing by or the weekly trek in the dark with the rubbish bin to the curb. The bird just stands there in the same place in the dark.
The wailing calls of Thick-knees at night is very perplexing to the uninitiated. The sound resembles a child or woman in distress.

There are two species in Australia. The Beach Stone Curlew i very different in appearance and has a much thicker beak. Stone curlews are said to feed on insects. They are probably much better at finding crickets than I am!

Bruch Turkeys are always entertaining---unless you are a gardener.
 Our Major Domo decided that the leaves on that side of the street needed to be moved to this side of the street despite traffic!

Perhaps, a nest if in the offing.

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