Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Night Walk 2016

Each year the Friends of the Botanic Gardens, Cairns conduct a Night Walk in place of its November meeting. This year we had a dual attraction. We decided to run two light sheets in precisely the same place as we did in July for the Moth Night, that is along the Red Arrow Track. In addition to the insects, a Striped Possum and a Green Tree Snake were seen along with the usual Cane Toads.

Here are some of the highlights with the photographer's names listed with their photos.

 P. Shanahan photo
 Meadow Argus P. Shanahan photo
Tailed Emperor B. Richardson photo
Tailed Emperor  P. Shanahan photo
 Pterophorus albidus D. Tuke photo
 Assassin bug B. Richardson photo
Agrioglypta itysalis  B. Richardson photo
Maruca vitrata B. Richardson photo
  Ruttellerona sp B. Richardson photo
Asota heliconia B. Richardson photo
Anthela astata B. Richardson photo

 Balta sp D. Rentz photo
 Callophoridae D. Rentz photo
Carbrunneri maxi feeding on undigested bird dung  D. Rentz photo
Carbrunneria maxi lateral view D. Rentz photo
 Carbunneria maxi  feeding on floral parts D. Rentz photo
Newly emerged nymph of Caedicia sp  D. Rentz photo
 D. Rentz photo
 Cricket Cardiodactylus novaeguineae  nymph D. Rentz photo
  Cardiodactylus novaeguineae closeup D. Rentz photo
 Glyphodes doleschalii D. Rentz photo
Bradina admixtalis D. Rentz photo
 Cricket Daintria singing from tree trunk D. Rentz photo
Green Lacewing in the middle of egglaying  D. Rentz photo
 egg emerging from abdomen D. Rentz photo
Heterostegane insulata  D. Rentz photo
Hydrillodes metisalis D. Rentz photo
Mating craneflies (sorry Loftus!)   D. Rentz photo
 Stick insect Sipyloidea larryi female D. Rentz photo
D. Tuke photo

One of the many many spiders see, mostly on the ground but many on tree trunks and vegetation. They were easily spotted by noting the their sparkling eyes as they reflect in the headlights and torches. 

An interested observer

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