Thursday, 6 December 2012

They're Back--At Last

After several months absence Mr Cassowary appeared with this year's crop of chicks.
We knew he had a trio of chicks because they had been living near Cassowary 
House, on the other side of Black Mountain Road.
It is our understanding that this male is about 40 years old. in that time he has learned, we hope, the dangers of road crossing and that one must be careful with callow young cassowaries.
The reason for the concern this year is that the powers-that-be have decided to harvest the pine plantations on Black Mountain Road. Potential danger commenced with roadworks and attendant heavy vehicular traffic.

Now more than 10 times a day logging trucks barrel down the road using compression braking to slow down. They could never stop in time to avoid a crossing cassowary.

Compounding the danger to the Cassowaries is a Goshawk nest right over the road. The appetizers  the occupants toss out of the nest are irresistible to the Cassowaries and they venture on onto the road amid the traffic to dine on the scraps.

How long all this will continue is anyone's guess but we hope that Mr Cassowary has the ability to "understand" (Buck) the dangers of the busy road. If it means fewer visits to this side until the logging is complete, then we can live with that.

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