Friday, 9 December 2011

Neat Weevils

Poropterus sp; Curculionidae; Cryptorhynchinae

There are more weevils than probably any other group of insects. They range in size from a fraction of a millimetre to some giants of several centimetres. They live in most habitats in the rain forest and it is not uncommon to see several different species during the course of a night search. Not all weevils belong to the one family Curculionidae. There are several related families that can be called weevils.

Anyone working on Australian weevils will require the multi-volume set of splendid works of the late E. C. Zimmerman published by CSIRO Publishing.

Euschizus dictatorius (Kleine): Brentidae; Trachelizini
Uropteroides gestroi (Senna): Brentidae; Trachelizini

Dendropemon albopictus (Jordan): Anthribidae
Same species but note the peculiar "thrichobothria" that occur only on the abdomen of the male

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