Saturday, 10 December 2011

Moth Cavalcade Continues

Just enjoy the colours and shapes of the thousands of species of rainforest moths
Westermannia gloriosa; Nolidae; Chloeophorinae
Thallarcha epileuca: Arctiidae; Lithosinae
Epicoma melanospila; Notodontidae; Thaumetopoeinae (Mareeba area)
Lyclene reticulata; Arctiidae; Lithosinae
Lactura suffusa; Lacturidae
Hypsidia erythropsalis; Drepanidae
Casbia sp; Geometridae; Ennominae
Heterallactis stenochrysa; Arctiidae; Lithosinae
Eustixis sp ?parallelus; Lacturidae
The Four O'clock Moth Dysphania numana; Geometridae; Geometrinae
Diasemiopsis ramburialis; Pyralidae (=Crambidae); Pyraustinae
Crocanthes sp; Lecithoceridae
Comana corones; Limacodidae
Cirrochrista aetherialis; Pyralidae (=Crambidae); Pyraustinae
Chorodna strixaria; Geometridae; Ennominae
Platyja exequialis; Noctuidae; Catocalinae (What's wrong with this picture!)
Anthela sp; Anthelidae
Anthela sp; Anthelidae
?Nacoleia sp; Pyralidae (=Crambidae); Pyraustinae (note the parasitic mites)


Dave said...

A particularly tasty set of moths in this update! Thank you!!!

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Gorgeous moths! Interesting backdrop you have for many of the moths. What is it? And about how big are the holes? It's great for size comparison in photos.

Mr. Smiley said...

Hi Katie
The backdrop is mosquito netting, available at Spotlight. I've had this light-sheet on the blog before. The holes are approximately 1 mm across. They are now greening up with algae.