Saturday, 1 January 2011

Welcome Home!

We were away for a few days recently and returned home to find this fellow a few metres away from the house basking in the morning sun. It is probably not the same Australian Scrub (Amethystine Python) noted in the Watchful Eye blog. It seems smaller. I was not willing to wrestle with it to determine its precise size! It seemed quite relaxed at our presence.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Dave
No doubt it was doing its best to keep any rats away. It looks perfectly relaxed.

randomtruth said...

Wow - now that's a backyard buddy! I could one of those to do a little rat patrol in my neighborhood.

Livingonapostcard said...

Looks like you have a carpet python, a Morelia spilota variant, could be wrong but looks the same as my ex pet Morelia bredlii from NT, this one is the QLD version of him....he\she looks so healthy and beautiful. Such magnificent creatures. They will leave your frogs alone and eat your vermin.
With so much rain of late we are going to see an explosion of all our wonderful creatures all along the food chain. Such a fertile, abundant time of plenty. How fortunate we are!

Mr. Smiley said...

T agree. It is a time of change and it will be interesting to see what develops. i hear lots of unfamiliar bird calls these days.

all the best.

Moreninha76 said...

Really beautiful snake, I personally love corn snakes