Sunday, 17 October 2010

A Good Poo

Recent wet weather has prompted trees ands shrubs to flower and fruit. The seeds of many of these plants appear in Cassowary poo. This poo appears "more healthy" than some we have seen in recent years. This bodes well for the success of this year's chicks.The colur of the poo is from the reddish fruit the bird has been eating.
Many different fruits have been eaten by this bird. The outer coatings have been digested leaving the seeds themselves. These seeds will serve as food for other animals such as native rats and birds. Musky Rat Kangaroos will bury many of them for future use but a number of those seeds will germinate into more plants.

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lepidopterogrammatic transmission said...

What a good omen! I hope your young Cassowaries survive and do well this year.