Sunday, 24 January 2010

New Book: All about Ants

Densey Clyne has produced another one of her topical books. This one is about a subject that is familiar to every Australian. Most people know three things about ants: there are lots of them, thelittle ones invade our kitchens and the big ones have a nasty sting. But this book makes it clear that ants are more than just irritating pests. They are a vital part of the ecology; it is said that in Australia ants do the same job of aerating the soil as worms do in northern lands. But it is the fascinating behaviour of these ubiquitous insects, described in words and stunning pictures, that Densey Clyne presents to us in “All About Ants.” Aggressive and merciless hunters, yet among them are harvesters, seed distributors, shepherds of insect flocks and herds and guardians of grateful caterpillars. We learn the secret of lives of the fierce bulldogs in their underground caverns, the amazing desert honeypots, the tropical weaver ants and many others. After reading this book, you might never feel quite the same about ants.

The book is published by New Holland under the Young Imprint. It is expected to be available next month.

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