Friday, 6 November 2009

new book

A new book has appeared recently "Australian Wildlife". This book combines the superb wildlife photography of Perth resident Jiri Lochman and the writings of Louise Edgerton. The book is a wonderful compendium of mammals, birds, frogs, reptiles, freshwater fishes and invertebrates.

There are more than 550 colour photographs that accompany accounts of how these animals have developed as a response to their climate and habitat. The biology of these animals is discussed and contrasted with other animals throughout the world.

This is not the usual treatise on the Australian biota but you will find photos and discussion on the biology of some of the little-known animals that you may know little about.

This book would be a fine addition to any library and well worth having as a reference to the Australian fauna.

Publication details as follows:

Wildlife of Australia. by Louise Edgerton & Jiri Lochman. 448 pages, Allen & Unwin Press 2009.

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