Thursday, 21 May 2009

Prairie Dogs: A new book

A friend from childhood days in San Francisco, Con Slobodchikoff,  has published a book that deserves some publicity. Prairie Dogs are an icon of the Midwest prairie ecosystem of North America, but as one might suspect, their numbers have been critically reduced in recent decades due to all the usual causes.


Con and his associates have documented many aspects of the biology of these communal rodents in an impressive book. Of interest to me as a specialist entomologist dealing with creatures that communicate by sound, is the interpretation of the sounds produced by Prairie Dogs. Just last year I had the privilege of seeing a population of prairie dogs that are being re-established on the plains of Wind River Ranch, Watrous, New Mexico. They are appealing animals with a highly developed sense of community and this book will introduce you to their world.

The book can be viewed and ordered from Con's website.



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