Monday, 15 July 2013

Mothfest 2013

Every couple of years a group of individuals, professionals and amateurs, gather at the Australian National Insect collection, Canberra for a weekend of talk and study. This was the 6th confab. There is no formal agenda. Those who desire to tell the group about their activities are invited to present a 10 minute talk. This is mainly an opportunity to meet and greet fellow "moth-ers" and consult the ANIC Collection, the largest of its kind in Australia.

The meeting is organised by Marianne Horak, Ted Edwards AM and You Ning Su

Denis Wilson has a similar presentation on his blog.

  Mr You Ning Su took all the photos

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Marianne Horak welcomes the group and invites presenters
 George Gibbs talks about micropterygid moths
 Buck Richardson explains how moths are used in his artistic renditions
 Richard Glatz enthuses about a new moth family from Kangaroo Island, SA
 John Landy AC, MBE and Don Sands AM talk about National Parks

 Max Moulds announces the forthcoming book on Hawk Moths
Steve Williams talking about moths and caterpillars in leaf litter
Enthusiasm at the bench: answers to questions
Consulting the Collection
The opportunity to float ideas
Meeting folks that you know through the literature

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