Thursday, 4 October 2018

New Cassowaries for 2018

Well it's happened and it seems that this year the Cassowaries have appeared with the young about a month or so earlier than usual. We first saw them around the 25th of Sept. The bubs were so small, smaller than a bantam hen. But 10 days later they are growing and very skittish. They seem especially bewildered when the female is present. Just too much action and confused about the guttural calls from the male. We have not observed the female do anything aggressive towards the chicks but the male gives way when she approaches.

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Mr Cass and the 3 bubs 3.x.2018

Look carefully. There are 3 chicks in the photo. They blend in with the undergrowth.
Mr Cassowary and the 3 bubs from above.

The chicks have fresh contrasting colours and patterns.
Bye till next time