Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The Cairns Aquarium-A Pleasant Way to Spend a Wet Sunday

The best new attraction in Cairns is the Cairns Aquarium. This wonderful tourist attraction is located near the Cairns Esplanade and features three floors of well-designed and maintained exhibits that are bound to entertain and amaze all visitors. Local reef fish and freshwater fish are featured in fantastic settings.

In addition to the fish there are a number reptiles, amphibians and insects on display. There are a few 'touch and feel" areas where people can become familiar with a number of different kinds of reef and tropical biota.

A wonderful restaurant adds to the enjoyment of the place with tasty, well-presented food.

Surely with the Cairns Botanic Gardens, the Cairns Aquarium are the two top tourist attractions on the mainland.

A few hightlights.

Here's lookin' at you-Mudcrab
Orange-spine Unicornfish 

 Discussing the diversity of starfish
 Just Resting
 Big-nose Unicornfish
 Black-back Butterflyfish
 Blue-spot Ray

 Emperor Angelfish
 Blue Sea Star
 Blue Yabbie (Freshwater)

 Bluetongue Skink 

That's it Folks

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