Saturday, 22 April 2017

March for Science, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

The March for Science is a celebration of our passion for science and the many ways science serves our communities and our world.

The March for Science Cairns is one of over 400 events in an unprecedented global gathering of scientists and science enthusiasts around the world. We join together to acknowledge the vital role science plays in our lives and the need to respect and encourage research that gives us insight into the world.

The "March" was celebrated as a series of short talks by researchers followed by a get together at the "Salt House Bar and Restaurant". The gathering was held on the Cairns Esplanade underneath threatening but well-mannered skies. (The rains came just at the end of the talks!)

The take-home message was aimed at the growing phenomenon of questioning or doubting science even when evidence is overwhelming. Examples, of course are denying that climate change even exists, vaccination against disease is ineffective and causes other problems like autism and questioning whether some events even happened, like the walks on the moon or that the the World Trade Center catastrophe was US-made!  All of this is promoted by certain politicians as well as shock talk radio hosts and is promoted by an avid right-wing press. 

Thus the March for Science.

 A half dozen researchers, mostly from James Cook University talked for about 10 minutes each
 An informal crowd of less than 200 consisted of locals and curious tourists

 Even a sole politician was in attendance. 
When it was over, most enthusiastically visited the bar for lubrication


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