Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Local Katydids

Even though there has been a bit of a drought in the north Queensland coastal area, there have been some nice katydids appearing at the lights. Enjoy and remember you can enlarge by clicking on the photo.

Tettigoniidae; Phricta spinosa
Tettigoniidae; Caedicia kuranda
Tettigoniidae; Caedicia goobita female
Tettigoniidae; Caedicia goobita male
Tettigoniidae; Caedicia goobita male
Tettigoniidae; Caedicia webberi female
Tettigoniidae; Caedicia webberi female
Tettigoniidae; Caedicia webberi  nymph
Tettigoniidae; Diastella kuranda male 
Tettigoniidae; Chloracantha garradunga male
Tettigoniidae; Chloracantha garradunga male
Tettigoniidae; Austrosalomona sp. 10 nymph
Tettigoniidae; Austrosalomona sp. 10
Same specimen on the same Heliconia a few weeks later
Tettigoniidae; Emeraldagraecia munggarifrons 
Tettigoniidae; Ingrischagraecia iterika last instar female
Tettigoniidae; Anthophiloptera dryas male
Tettigoniidae; Anthophiloptera dryas male
Tettigoniidae; Zaprochilus mongabarra  male
note thoracic auditory opening
Tettigoniidae; Zaprochilus mongabarra male


Piotr Naskrecki said...

The morphological convergence of Australian and African katydids is incredible. Diastella is indistinguishable from Eurycorypha, Caedicia goobita looks just like Catoptopteryx, and Chloracantha is extremely similar to a new genus of Simoderni from KZN. Or perhaps they are truly very closely related.

Mr. Smiley said...

Hi Piotr
You are correct. And the same is true for the Bornean katydids. There are some "dead ringers" for genera that are in orther parts of the world. Perhaps, someday DNA will help to sort all of this out.

Thanks for your comment.