Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Locals: It's Spring

Our Cassowaries are healthy!

 "Socks", the local resident female seems to know her way around
 Kaa, the resident python, was looking for the odd rat the other morning
The end of the tail of the python
 Everyone gets into the act
 Goannas are active now that the warm weather has arrived
 A fulgoroid tree hopper, Achilidae, Aneipo ?diana.
 Another fulgoroid tree hopper, Achilidae, Aneipo?diva.
 Another fulgoroid tree hopper, this one possibly a flatid, genus Massila
A katydid, Disastella kuranda, a species with a broader distribution than its name suggests.

Thanks to Melinda Moir for help with the achilid identifications.

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Judi Gray said...

Fabulous collection of photos of your sightings -especially the Cassowary :)