Friday, 26 December 2014

A Couple of Nice Moths

There are thousands of species of moths in the northern tropics of Australia. Patterns and colours seem endless. Here are a couple that I found quite attractive.

The depressariid is very elegant. Larvae of some species are leaf feeders and tie leaves together with silk and use faecal pellets to form silken galleries.  this is a rainforest species.
 Despressariidae; Barantola pulcherrima

Limacodidae; Comana albibasis

Limacodids are called "cup moths". There are about 70 species in Australia. The larvae are slug-like and can defoliate trees. The biology of Comana species is largely unknown. 

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The holes in the light sheet are about 1 square mm.


Duncan said...

Nice indeed, b****y beautiful!

Judi Gray said...

Both beautiful and vibrant.

Bennyboymothman said...

Both superb looking moths. You certainly have a lot more colourful species than we do here in the UK.
Look forward to more moth posts!