Friday, 24 January 2014

A Beautiful Day In The Tropics

A recent trip to the Daintree Region north of Cairns was very pleasant. It is the height of summer in Australia and school children are just about to return to their studies and there are not many people about. For some, this is the best time to visit.
Miles of beach with not a soul around.
The water is warm, about 30C, but there are reasons to not enter. Stinging jellyfish are common this time of year and at least one species is fatal if encountered. And there are plenty of them about. Most public beaches have stations with bottles of vinegar to be used if you have the misfortune to be stung. Medical treatment is required if you do get stung.

But look carefully at the middle of the above photo. See anything?
Looks like a log, no? NO. It's Mr Croc cruising 50-100 metres offshore and heading to Cooper's Creek.

Buck Richardson photo

He's a biggie. We estimate more than 4 metres in length. Oh yes, that's another reason not to go into the water in the northern tropics of Australia.


NickMorgan said...

That looks like paradise, but it would be torture not being able to go into the water in those temperatures!!

randomtruth said...

Wonderful place. Was that close to Cape Trib? I bet that saltie doesn't have to worry about the jellies... :)