Monday, 24 June 2013

Workshop Notice: Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group

Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group
Field Workshop

Those who take an interest in recording wildlife sounds be they insects, birds, frogs or environmental sounds be informed that the next field workshop will be held in north Queensland.

This is the first time the group has met in the far north. Other meetings have been held in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

The get-together combines presentations, field recording and demonstrations of the latest recording and analytical gear.

This year the confab will be from 15-20 October 2013 at the Kingfisher Lodge, Julatten, Queensland. Bookings can be made by contacting the lodge or fred van Gessel .

The Kingfisher Lodge is an ideal place for such a meeting. It is at the gateway to Mt Lewis road which will take you through all the life zones to nearly the top of the mountain where lichen-covered and orchid laden trees make it seem like you are in a botanical garden. Accompanying all this is a magnificent fauna.

In addition, the Julatten is not far from open woodland and grassland habitats where an entirely different fauna can be observed. The Mareeba Wetlands offers opportunities to record a variety of wildlife from a very different habitat. Julatten is also the gateway to the Cape York Peninsula.

The AWSRG is composed of members mostly from Australia with a wide range of recording experience in wildlife sounds. Non-professional sound recordists are most welcome and can gain valuable tips from those that spend a lot of time making sound records of Australian wildlife.
The AWSRG publishes a journal and a CD of sound recordings at least twice a year. The journal includes latest recording and analytical gear with hints on use and costs.

So a good opportunity for locals and Aussies from the Deep South to get together and exchange ideas and techniques for nature sound recording.


Dave Walter said...

Hey David - congratulations on the AM. Always good to see an entomologist get some recognition and you certainly deserve it more than most for your ability to reach out to the general public with your book, blog and Ignoble beetles.



Mr. Smiley said...

Thanks Dave. I appreciate your comments very much.

Enjoy your summer. Not a bad winter here at all.

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