Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It Must Be Snake Season

We have seen more snakes in the past few weeks than at anytime during the summer. It is a rather warm autumn but this seems unusual to me.

The Green Tree Snake, Dendrolaphis punctulata, can reach 2m in length. This fellow was less than that, about 80cm in length; It is a diurnal snake and feeds on frogs, small reptiles and some mice. It's an egg layer and is harmless, though a bit feisty when annoyed. It is one of the few members of the Colubridae that we have. Most of the baddies are in the Elapidae.

Even during the day you must be careful where you place your hands!

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Crash said...

I'm loving the snake posts, the common tree was the first snake I ever caught [luckily], and in my opinion one of the most beautiful snakes in Au.

The blue between the scales when aroused, the contrasting yellow green,grey,black ... awesome.

Cheers for the post[s] and pics -