Monday, 4 January 2010

Cassowary update

Since the early disaster of the local Cassowaries losing their 2009 batch of bubs, the male and female have been coming twice a day for handouts. The male is always wary of the female and keeps his distance, always giving way if a morsel of food is up for grabs. It seems that once a batch of babies meets its fate, the adults go without for the entire year. We had thought that they would try again, but that has not been the case up to this point. Now with the wet season well under way, will see what develops.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Dave
Looks like you are shooting from the top of a rainforest observatory.
I get "vertigo" looking down on cassowaries.

Sebastian said...

Hmmm finger crossed eh? I have still yet to see these birds in the wild. I wonder how often birders come across them without luring them in?

HomeBugGardener said...

The only cassowary I saw in the bush (at Mt Spec) chased me down a trail, so if you came across one you would probably know it. Their poop was common on trails around Mission Beach when I did field work there, but never saw the poopers. Feeding station is probably the way to go - and a nice high platform for observation.