Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wet, Wet and Wetter

Barron Falls in full flood. See blogs below "Giant Dragons" and "A Dirty Shame" for comparison.

Stream on our site with more or less normal flow. During the dry season it may dry up recede to small pools.

The stream in full flood. Compare with above. A bit of a worry!

Wet, Wet and Getting Wetter!

In the past 2.5 days we have recorded 500 mm (=20 inches) of rain here in Kuranda. Even elderly locals say that’s more rain than they have seen over a short period in their lifetimes. The culprit is a low that is hovering off the coast near Cairns.

Our stream reacts to heavy rainfalls with fluctuations of about 30 feet at times. What happens to the several species of small fish and other aquatic life during such periods? Within a few months, things seem to be restored to normal. This stream empties into the Barron River in less than 500 m and its contents end up in the ocean.

Even the Brush Turkey is soaked to the skin!

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